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Farmville 2 item codelist

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#1 Farmville 2 item codelist on Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:05 am




Posted on Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:05 am

1.- open your farmville2 and cheat engine v---on cheat engine---v
2.- select your browser process (example for mozilla plugin-container.exe).
3.- change "4 bytes" for "string" or "text".
4.- search for the deco item you need (the example was: e_deco_animated_rockinghorse ).
5.- select all adress and press the red arrow button. v---on farmville2---v
6.- go to general store and buy wood rocking horse and place as many as you want. v---on cheat engine---v
7.- change the value of all e_deco_animated_rockinghorse to: e_resource_water_can_pack_30 (if you want water pack 30) or e_resource_instagrow_pack_25 (if you want instant grow pack 25) v---on farmville
8.- put in your inventory all the wood rocking horse and wait some seconds to save...
9.- refresh your browser... go your inventory and you have the water or the speed grow packs... Do this for all items just need the correct equivalent deco for the item you want...

its for: e_resource_water_can_pack_30 e_resource_instagrow_pack_25 e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green
its for: e_resource_fertilizer_bag_pack_25 e_deco_bbq_chair_adirondack
its for: e_resource_feed_bag_pack_25 e_resource_unwither_pack_25
(as you can see, they all have the same number of characters deco>

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